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Quality service enhanced with expertise: That’s what makes us the best Our Mission Statement is simple: “We strive to create enthusiastic customers.”

Our services provide all the care necessary to grow a thick, green, and healthy lawn and landscape. Although many lawns in the area face similar concerns, we understand that each lawn is unique, thus your program will be tailored specifically to fit your lawn`s needs.  In general, we treat a customer`s lawn 6 times each year with a balanced, hybrid organic fertilization program. It is designed to create a healthier stand of grass that is capable of warding off weed and insect on its own. We use 50% less chemicals with this program which is better for you, your family, and your local environment.

Along with these treatments, crabgrass, weed, and insect controls are applied in preventative and curative measures as necessary.  Grub control is available as are other A la carte services.  M&I uses a mix of both liquid weed controls and granular organic fertilizers in order to achieve maximum results. Additional service calls are free!

And unlike many other companies, we do our very best to stay proactive with any concerns that may arise. Often, we will stop by just to check up on the progress of your lawn and ensure that our treatments have been effective.  Of course, you still see the lawn more often than we do, so if you see something you don`t like, or if you have questions, make sure to contact us right away!

Thanks so much! We look forward to working with you!

So if our values sound like a match with yours, contact us to schedule an appointment today!